Knowledge Management

Team training

Trisolutions is a national reference in various areas related to operational intelligence. That is why we offer the following courses to train your staff:

Advanced Control Course

target: Professionals in the areas of automation and process monitoring.
• Evaluation and enhancement of basic control
• Inferences and virtual analyzers
• Identification and process modeling
• Commissioning of multivariable predictive controllers (MPC)
workload: 120 hours

Control Management Course

target: Professionals in the areas of operation, engineering, process, operational safety, automation and instrumentation.
• Preliminary analysis
• Performance quantification
• Control loops diagnostics
• Continuous monitoring
• Examples of industrial applications
workload: 16 hours

Basic Control and PID Controllers Tuning Course

target: Professionals in the areas of engineering, maintenance, instrumentation and operation.
• Understanding the PID controller
• Design and tuning of PID controllers
• Tuning of industrial controllers
• Advanced strategies of regulatory control
• Introduction to the evaluation of control loop performance
workload: 16 hours

Alarm Management Course

target: Professionals in the areas of operation, engineering, process, operational safety, automation, instrumentation and maintenance.
• Basic concepts
• Alarm management design
• Alarm management philosophy
• Alarm report analysis
• Alarm rationalization
• Maintenance and continuous improvement
• Cases
workload: 16 hours

In addition, we can prepare customized courses according to the needs of each team or project.


  • It increases team performance
  • Aligns the team for the implementation of new projects
  • Ensures the correct and effective use of new implementations
  • Standardizes routines and procedures
  • Contributes to the professional development and the enhancement of internal staff

Technical support


The technical support contract for licensed software provides:

  • Support for updates of the software, hot fixes (HF), feature packs (FP) and service packs (SP);
  • Technical assistance during business hours (8h/5d) through the following channels:
    • Telephone (+55 51 3227-8514)
    • Email (
    • Conference call
    • IM (Instant Messaging)
    • Order tracking software (Mantis)
    • Remote access>


  • Ensures the effectiveness of the project
  • Facilitates the implementation of continuous improvement
  • Guarantees that the client’s team is always up to date, even with personnel changes.
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